Payment and details

Bank details

The details of the transfer to the card account: Visa Classic•••• 8187 Recipient: ANUAR MALINOVICH G. Account number: 408 17 810 7 60334724012 ________________________________________________________________ Beneficiary Bank: Kabardino-Balkarian branch №8631 of Sberbank of Russia, ALIKBEK: 040702615 Correspondent account: 30101810907020000615 Transmission: 201443001 INN: 7707083893 OKPO: 09128405 Bin: 1027700132195 ________________________________________________________________ The Bank's legal address: 117997, MOSCOW, UL.VAVILOVA,19 Postal Bank address: 360000, NALCHIK, street Pushkin/Keshokova 33A/72 Mailing address of additional office: city of Nalchik, Pushkina str/Keshokova, 33a/72 ,360051 For transactions with the card account you must specify Your surname, name, patronymic completely.

Payment methods

  • Prepaid card transaction (Sberbank)

    Under the terms of the tariff need to make a Deposit of 1 nights accommodation by transfer of funds on the card no later than 10 days before the date of arrival.
  • Only cash

    The entire amount of the stay, minus a Deposit of 1 night is payable in cash on the day of arrival.